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Introduction to Progressive Islam

"Introduction to Progressive Islam" by Imam Daayiee Abdullah - A short course on Progressive Islam by the executive director of MECCA Institute and the author of "Progressive Islam." The individual course lessons are listed below.

Course Lessons

The following material is for your lessons in this course. 


Come join us for a short journey into Progressive Islam.

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Imam Daayiee talks about what to expect from this course.

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Imam Daayiee describes Progressive Islam as a living experience. 

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Personal Journey

Follow along Imam Daayiee's personal journey to Progressive Islam!

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Prophet Muhammad

Imam Daayiee talks about the Islamic prophet, from birth to legacy.

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The Qur'an

Imam Daayiee talks about the diversity of interpretations with the sacred text.

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Progressive Islam

Imam Daayiee discusses the important elements of this powerful way of life.

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Imam Daayiee revisits ideas covered in this short course.

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MECCA Institute

Come learn more about the organization that makes it all happen.

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