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MECCA Institute's mission is to expand Progressive Islam through education and research. As a result, we care about a lot of social causes! Watch this space for more in the near future.

Core Issues

Women at MECCA 

We support gender equality, and our school has a focus on women's rights. To learn more, Click Here.


We support LGBT Rights, and members of the LGBT community are welcome here. To learn more, Click Here.

Youth at MECCA

We support youth participation, and we have special programming for the youth. To learn more, Click Here.

Position Materials

Progressive Islam [Article]

A definition of Progressive Islam, including what Progressive Muslims follow, women's rights, LGBT rights, and other areas of modern concern. To read, Click Here.

Progressive Islam [eBook]

Download the historic book by Imam Daayiee Abdullah, "Progressive Islam: The Rich Liberal Ideas of the Muslim Faith." Coming Soon

Medical Marijuana [Fatwa]

Fatwa by Imam Daayiee Abdullah that seeks to educate, empower, and support Muslims about marijuana for medicinal purposes. To read, Click Here.

More Programming Coming Soon...

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