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Programming for today. Our "Community Enrichment" program brings together products that celebrate our contemporary Islamic experience. Watch this space for a mind-blowing lineup! 


Many Names for God

Imam Daayiee Abdullah describes his faith journey from childhood through his conversion to Islam, and the role that prayer played in prompting his conversion.

Intergenerational Issues

Imam Daayiee Abdullah discusses his work including the importance of intergenerational associations in the Muslim LGBTQI+ communities.

Medical Marijuana

Is Medical Marijuana Halal? Imam Daayiee Abdullah, the Executive Director of MECCA Institute, answers this and other questions related to medical marijuana.

Breaking Down Barriers

Imam Daayiee Abdullah featured on a discussion on barriers.  Moderated by Charlotte Howard, business correspondent, The Economist.

Tolerant Future

Imam Daayiee Abdullah in discussion with  Dean Obeidallah, comedian, radio host, and co-director of the documentary film, The Muslims Are Coming! 

Quranic Truths vs. Culture

Imam Daayiee Abdullah featured on a lecture series with Muslims for Progressive Values to dismantle  homophobia in Muslim communities.


With Michelle Brown

Imam Daayiee Abdullah featured on the Collections by Michelle Brown. To listen, Click Here.

With Sarika D. Mehta

Imam Daayiee Abdullah featured on the Intersections Radio on NPR Public Radio. To listen, Click Here

With C. Welton Gaddy

Imam Daayiee Abdullah featured on the State of Belief show on the public radio stations. To listen, Click Here.


Progressive Islam [Article]

A definition of Progressive Islam, including what Progressive Muslims follow, women's rights, LGBT rights, and other areas of modern concern. To read, Click Here.

Progressive Islam [eBook]

Download the historic book by Imam Daayiee Abdullah, "Progressive Islam: The Rich Liberal Ideas of the Muslim Faith." Coming Soon

Medical Marijuana [Fatwa]

Fatwa by Imam Daayiee Abdullah that seeks to educate, empower, and support Muslims about marijuana for medicinal purposes. To read, Click Here.

More Programming Coming Soon...

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